Timing is the Answer

Did you know that “time” is wasting you millions of dollars?

The title of this article is taken from a song that I love but is little known.

“Timing” from Kevin Johansen

To be precise, it says just like this:

“timing is the answer to success 

I think there is nothing more true, almost always what takes away time is also stealing money from us …

Probably you have never thought about it, but time is your worst enemy when it comes to selling yachts.

The three reasons are the following: 

  1. Running cost 
  2. Depreciation cost 
  3. Market perception cost

Brokers have no interest in selling YOUR boat specifically, and not treating it in a special way will increase dramatically sales time.

Think about this Scenario:

March 2018, broker lists a 2014 Sunseeker 73. The owner decides to list the Sunseeker at $2.15M — about $200,000 above the fair market price. 

As you probably think, the boat has not attracted much interest. In fact, the first offer came after 4 months, and it is for 1.83M, but the owner refuses it. Time passes and total losses continue to grow. After one year on the market, the owner has accumulated the following costs:

  • 1 year of running costs:$216,000 ($18,000/month x 12 months) 
  • 1 year of depreciation costs:$192,000 ($16,000/month x 12 months) 
  • 1 year of market perception costs:$120,000 ($10,000/month x 12 months)


As you see below only after a year that your yacht is in the market you have lost about a half a million dollar.


How to prevent this from happening?

There are multiple solutions, but remember:

“the quality of your life (and your wallet) depends on the questions you ask yourselves”

In order to run a successful business you always need to ask yourself questions. This will allow you to come up with even better solutions than the ones you already came up to.

So let’s ask ourselves a couple of questions!

  1. How can I sell my yachts in less time?
  2. How can I make them profitable even when they are moored?

If this last question may seem very strange, let me tell you that the team of Aventus have developed strategies and ideas that allow your yachts to bring you profit even when they are not chartered.

But for now let’s stick here… we’ll talk about this in a future article! 😉

For the first question, on the other hand, the answer is simple:

Using a great digital marketing strategy allows you to significantly reduce sales times.

And all this at a much lower cost comparing it with the depreciation and cost of a classic broker. Today, creating a good digital identity, combined with the power of advertising, guarantees customer response times up to 10x shorter than traditional systems.

To know how create an effectively digital marketing strategy read THIS ARTICLE.

I hope this article may have been the starting point for some reflections.

In the meantime, have a nice day


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