Have the rules of digital yachting marketing changed?

The rules of sales and marketing have completely changed over the last few years.

Also in the world of yachting marketing.

Marketing that was performing well 10 years ago is no longer effective today.

Obviously the rules of marketing have remained unchanged for over 50 years, but the methodologies with which they are applied and the platforms where these strategies are grounded change at an incredible speed.

To make you understand, one of the greatest marketing books I have read is dated 1993 and is called

“the 22 immutable laws of marketing” by Al Ries & Jack Trout.

And the laws in this book are the rules that we apply in our strategies every day.

Yachting marketing

So what changes?

The tools used to implement these laws evolve at incredible pace.

Let me give you an exemple.

The first banner ad on HotWired’s website in 1998 debuted with a clickthrough rate of 78%

Today, an average CTR on a banner ad is 0.05%…

This law is called: The law of the shittiest clickthrough states, which says that the effectiveness of new marketing campaigns will diminish over time.

Pretty bad right?

But this can be an advantage for you! 

Read carefully what follows

If you are the only one of your competitors to apply innovative yachting marketing strategies and to stay updated on the various trends, your competitive advantage will be enormous

In fact the solution to this phenomenon is simply to know what to focus on and stay updated on the latest news, to constantly keep up with the market.

So remember this article in the next year and make sure you implement an effective digital marketing strategy for your business.

At Aventus we are offering a free consulting to analyze your situation and show you how to perform better and increase an effectively yachting marketing strategy! 

In the meantime,

I wish you a Merry Christmas!




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