The Magic Formula: S x C = Boats Sold

Number of Showings x Close Ratio = Number of Boats Sold

Here is all the magic. Nothing else. This can sound very trivial.

But think about it. 

How many companies have an active strategy to increase these numbers? The market today is extremely competitive, the consumers are more and more demanding and less loyal. 

The way they look for information has completely changed. With so much information at their fingertips, consumers want to avoid sales pressure and access lots of product information prior to making any buying decisions. 

Boat sold

We spend most of our time on social web and the perceived quality of the brands we observe also depends on how they are positioned online. 

So to increase the “number of showings” the first rule in today’s market is to have a good positioning on the web and social media. After that you need an online strategy to bring interested people to visit your boat. 

Before the explosion of mobile devices, a very good strategy was to contact a broker and he just needed to list your yacht on the leading multiple listing site, place an ad in a yachting magazine, and send a newsletter to their database.

However, in today’s new marketing ecosystem, the traditional way of promoting listings by brokers and brokerages is becoming more ineffective and obsolete. 

Understand: Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Youtube are the new Yachtworld. 

What a Yachting Company need is an approach that uses multiple media channels and communication channels in addition to multiple listing sites. A way of selling yachts that is adapted to rising customer expectations and changing buying behavior. 

Boat sold

To increase the “conversion rate” you need to be different from the others. 

In order to amplify emotions which will actually generate the sell, you have to give your potential client something captivating and unique. 

By studying neuroscience you will discover how most of the actions and purchases we make are driven by emotions and after that we justify these decisions with logic. 

Emotionally compelling photography, videography, aerial (drone) footage Emotionally compelling customer-oriented copywriting engaging and interactive content such as a virtual tour, walk through video, etc structure an effective Digital Marketing strategy to stand out in this crowded marketplace, you have to invest in: 

  • Emotionally compelling photography, videography, aerial (drone) footage 
  • Emotionally compelling customer-oriented copywriting 
  • Engaging and interactive content such as a virtual tour, walk through video, etc 
  • Structure an effective Digital Marketing strategy 

I hope this reflection can be of help and be a starting point for a possible conversation and debate. Because it is by talking together that we do not stop growing!


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