The future of yachting is electric?

The trend of electric yachts was born out of necessity.

In fact, they are the perfect means to be used within natural reserves, protected oasis and all those environments where it is essential to have the lowest possible environmental impact.

Even if it is still a niche topic, the global sensitivity towards the Green Economy is constantly growing, and will be one of the main topics of the coming years.

Just look at today’s market, in addition to small boats, in recent years even very important boats have begun to mount fully electric motors, with models that even exceed 20mt.

A virtuous example of this world is Sweden, where in 2016 the first electric ferries began to appear.

The Future of the Fjords, a ferry with a capacity of 400 people and a length of 40 meters, has been underway with its fully electric propulsion system for the past 2 years. The Future of the Fjords can navigate with its batteries at a speed of 16 knots for 2.5 hours, which, for recharging, are attached to special high-power stations, up to 800 kW, which in 20 minutes allow it to fully recharge.

One of the reasons for this race to electric is the law that will allow, from 2026, the circulation within the fjords only to boats equipped with an electric motor.

Electric Yachts

In the medium sized yacht market (20 – 50m) Electric Marine is a new reality that stands out on its own. So innovative and vanguard that they have been featured on Forbes Italy (september ed.) with their peak model Electric Elegance 38.

Their are focused on three key aspects:

  • Performance
  • elegance 
  • silence

three words guiding everything we do, supporting our vision of constantly pushing the boundaries of performance, design and the use of sustainable energy, elegance and safety in yachting.

Up to superyachts such as those designed and built by Alva Yachts that exceed 20mt.

In conclusion, the issue of sustainability and environmental impact are highly discussed points in every sector, and seeing companies that try to innovate even in the world of yachting can only be a great pleasure.

Thank you all.


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