10 strategies to target UHNWI

Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI)

It is well known that yachts are a luxury good which only the top 1-5% of global population can afford, the so called UHNWI.

Despite being a niche ‘product’ there are some laws which are quite universal when it comes to selling those high end luxuries.

Especially with the advent of digital marketing buying behaviours have changed radically in the last years. Above all the pandemic has made pretty clear to everyone that having a good positioning online is a fundamental pillar to having success.

For prestige organizations seeking for a selected group of ultra high-spending clients, being able to get in touch efficiently with a handful of these individuals could be the difference between exceeding targets or missing them altogether.

So the question seems pretty obvious then…

How do we target UHNWI?

Here are 10 points which we’ve been using and proved to be extremely effective

  1. Geo-targeting cities/regions where the most wealthy people in the world live or spend time.
  2. Make your organic keywords more location and season specific.
  3. Create specialised SEO landing pages targeting very particular UHNWI searches.
  4. Retarget people who have spent quality time on your website with beautifully designed adverts.
  5. Social media advertising to all people in tax-favourable locations.
  6. Use display advertising to show banner ads to people searching for ‘luxury’ goods and visiting HNWI publications.
  7. Use advertising to appear when customers type in your competitors’ names or search for expensive specialist goods.
  8. Target new people based on interests with high conversion rates on your site, refining by placement site, content topics, and display keywords.
  9. Create stunning content.
  10. Target by annual income.

Digital marketing and social media advertising can help to increase dramatically your ROI, but in order to be efficient and don’t play the guess game we recommend you to hire specialists. This would mean easing pressure while getting incredible results.

If you are willing to grow systematically your luxury brand get in touch.

 We are offering a free consulting call to tailor the best strategy for you.

I hope this article gave you the idea of how valuable Online Marketing can be for you.


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