Digital Positioning for Luxury Brands… and More – Part 1

How to effectively position your brand in an increasingly digital market?

Today, as we all know, having a good digital image and a good digital communication is fundamental.

with you, today, i would like to analyze some strategies of the best positioned yachting brands.

The key points for a good positioning in the yachting world are:

  1. A great website
  2. A well designed social feed
  3. blog, linkedin and magazine article
  4. newsletter and email automation
  5. Sales tool
  6. an efficient advertising strategy
  7. Mission, vision, purpose

Let’s start from the visual part of communication: website and social network

Why are they so important?

Well, the answer is simple, quoting Will Rogers

“you never get a second chance to make a good first impression”

Remember that in the modern era, perception is everything.

Think about Red Bull, many other energy drinks taste better, but he is leading the market because he is the best at getting noticed.

To take some examples from the yachting industry I would like to analyze a few websites that I believe are made in an excellent way.

Starting with Lurssen…

Lurrsen positioning

As soon as you enter their website the eye impact is really well taken care of.

They have a series of amazing images and simple phrases.

“Welcome to Lurssen Yachts, enjoy your journey”

Every website must be structured for a specific goals, for example:

  • increase perception
  • take leads
  • give information
  • tell a story
  • highlight social networks

and they do it flawlessly.

Two other websites that I want to bring to your attention to are those of Baglietto Yachts and Azimut Yachts.

Look at them and notice how they perfectly tell their story and how they show their products and their strengths.

To improve your website, take inspiration from the best, even outside the yachting world. Take the strongest brands, enter their websites and ask yourself, what are the recurring patterns? Why do they work so well?

You certainly won’t go wrong.

lursenn positioning

And in conclusion, remember:

You should aim to make a great visual impact by paying attention to images and texts, and make a well-structured path for the user to get him to take a precise action (which is your end goal).

These are the key points for having a website up to date with today’s time.

And if you think that only big brands can have something of this level, I want to bring your attention to this company, Bellini Yachts.

They are a “small” company on Lake Iseo, in Italy but I simply love everything they do.

Take a look at what they have accomplished.

bellini positioning

Another pillar for your image is your Social Network presence.

Having someone who manages the feeds on various social networks correctly is extremely important.

Think about that

When you have to find a brand,  the first thing you do is looking for them on social networks.

Designing a feed is not that simple. You need a creative person who knows how to create something that besides being beautiful has also a specific purpose.

Giving you two practical examples: the instagram profile of Benetti yachts and of course the one of Bellini Yachts are among the best from which you can get inspiration.

And here we are at the end of the first part of our journey about effective positioning for yachting brands.

I hope it was helpful!

See you in Part 2

Thank you,



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